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Something new

I'm trying out this new thing which I'm feeling pretty excited about. I'm pretty much positive no one else is going to be excited about it, but I'm writing a post anyway, just for the heck of it.

My canvases have been driving me crazy. By which I mean, stretched canvases that give under the pressure from a squeegee or enthusiastic palette knife. The result is a line, a really obnoxious line, where the stretcher bars run behind the surface. Sort of like the look from a pencil rubbing, but in this case you don't want to see it. I tried using a hardwood support, which is great squeegee-wise, but which has a slick, slightly absorbent surface which I don't like. So now I'm gluing canvas onto the surface. Lots of people use this kind of support, but I never knew how to go about making one until now. Yay internet! Here's a photo of one in progress:

Also, I sold my first painting at Ugallery, a curated online gallery. They send you a very swanky box to pack the painting in. Here it is, placed in the fancy packing foam and ready to close up.

And... all done!

Go buy a painting for yourself, and you too can get one of these groovy boxes!

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